Clocker Changelog 20190220

Version 1.0.5

1. Added skip button into first cut scene even in first time. If you haven't seen the first cut scene, we recommend you don't skip.
2. Fixed bug that restart chapter in the last cut scene will cause player restart from begining.
3. Make the restart button pressing time longer.
4. Fixed bug that daughter can enter some scenes that she cannot enter.
5. Changed the control range for old man in chapter 3
6. Fixed bug that old man in chapter 3 will be stuck in some cases.
7. Changed the control range for platform worker in chapter 3, to avoid they hitting John away.

Version 1.0.4

1. Fixed bug that Alice will be block in chapter 3 near the pool.
2. Fixed bug that the reader will continuely moving right.
3. Fixed bug that BGM will suddenly restart in some machine.
4. Fixed bug that input hint will stay in controller hints even no controller connected.
5. Fixed bug that water will block player in chapter 3 in some cases.

Version 1.0.3

1. Fixed bug that Alice sometimes can talk with nothing.
2. Fixed bug that parrot will fly higher and higher
3. Fixed bug that players sometimes cannot enter library again.
4. Fixed bug that the boy playing cars will be blocked sometimes.
5. Fixed bug that John can control nothing in playground scene
6. Fixed bug that student in the classroom 2F cannnot be controlled in some cases
7. Changed the restart button in main menu, it will only restart from current chapter now.
CAUTION: The data of parrot, the grandma in library and little boys will be reset.

Version 1.0.2

1. Fixed the BGM bug in the last scene
2. Fixed bug that changing scenes in the last scene will show incorrect image
3. Fixed some language bugs
4. Added some hints for true ending
5. Polished some effects in the last scene.
6. Fixed a bug that may block player in third chapter.
7. Fixed a bug that may block player on the playground.
8. Fixed a bug that camera have no bloom effect.
9. Added broken screen BGM

Known Issue:
1. When you are using 4K monitors, the fonts may be very small. You can change to a lower game resolution in Unity configuration screen to solve it. Unity configuration is shown before you entered the game.
2. If you find your controller not work well, you can adjust the Input in Unity configuration screen.
3. Tranditional Chinese and German language have some missing text, the system will automatically use English instead. We will fix the text bugs as soon as possible.

Version 1.0.1

1. Fixed the bug that parrot will keep reset after changing scenes
2. Removed unused resouces, make the package smaller
3. Fixed bug that target will not change to colorful in some cases
4. Polished some details in last scene
5. Fixed a lot of bugs in schools scene

Version 1.0.0

1. Fixed a lot of bugs.
2. Polished the chapter changing cut scene.
3. Speeded up some cut scenes at begining.
4. Changed the default input for jumping and changing scenes. Now up arrow button will change scenes, and space button will trigger jump.
5. Added jump hints
6. Polished shield particle effect
7. Added new CGs for true ending.

Version 0.7.30 (Beta)

1. Added Achievements


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