Changelog ​version 0.7.29 (Beta)​

Thanks for playing our demo and your suggestions help us a lot to make this game better. The demo builds on have been updated again and here is the changelog.

Version 0.7.29 (Beta)

1.  Added German and Portuguese support, you can change to these language in Options.
2.  Fixed some English text spelling error.
3.  Added shadows for NPCs
4.  Now the window of the game cannot be changed during game.
5.  Added idle animation for daughter.
6.  Fixed some talk bubble shown too short bug.
7.  Added logo display in main menu.
8.  Added some crowd funding NPCs.
9. Polished the performance while controlling daughter.
10. Polished some NPC animations.
11. Added distance effect for sounds in scene.
12. Option settings for game is not saved in save file now, quiting from option page will now quicker than before.
13. Polished loading screen. Add floating loading words in loading screen.
14.  Added time recover logic for NPCs in school.
15.  And fixed many other bugs.


Clocker Demo for Mac 20190119 984 MB
Jan 19, 2019
Clocker Demo for Win 20190119 738 MB
Jan 19, 2019

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