Changelogs before version 0.7.28.

If you meet any issues or bugs, please contact us.
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Version 0.7.28 (Beta)

1. Fix some joysticks have wrong hint UIs issue.
2. Fix the black screen issue while father jumping towards some slope.
3. Remove reseting functionality in the Pause Menu (this may cause other issues), but you can still restart from checkpoint in Pause Menu.
4. Add new items UI for daughter
5. Add idle animations for daughter
6. Save data for the droplight part will be reset automatically.

Version 0.7.27 (Beta)

1. Fix many detail bugs
2. Polish scene select after you finished the game once.
3. New add French, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese into game, you can change the language throught the options in main menu.
4. Add reseting functionality in Pause menu.
5. Fix a logic bug for police.
6. Remaking droplight part in Library, now the droplight puzzle has a bit different solution. If you find anything wrong here, you can reset the scene in pause menu. (Mentioned in No.2)

Version 0.7.26 (Beta)

1. Change the interact ui shown type and floating effect
2. Fix some bugs which may block players
3. Polish the talk bubble size for English text.

Version 0.7.25 (Beta)

1. Add options functionality into main menu, now you can change language, music and sound volume in game.
2. Fix some bugs

Version 0.7.24 (Beta)

1. Polish the talk bubble, they can auto layout now, add a small arrow for the bubble, and polish the lookout of it.
2. Fix some bugs.
3. Add some detail sounds.

Version 0.7.23 (Beta)

1. Fix many bugs
2. Fix some bugs about true ending
3. add some sounds details.

Version 0.7.22 (Beta)

1. Polish main menu
2. Add idle animation for father
3. Add some missing sounds
4. Finish some true ending logic
5. Fix many bugs

Verison 0.7.21 (Beta)

1. Polish the loading screen
2. Polish the main menu
3. Add one cut scene for normal ending
4. Fix many bugs
5. Fix some missing sounds

Version 0.7.20 (Beta)

1. Fix the bug that cannot enter chapter 3.


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