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I love it! I will be buying the full game because I have to see this through until the end. I'll link part 1 of my gameplay below if you're interested.

Hey, I included your game in my latest Horror Games video, around 5:56! Hope you enjoy! Cheers!

I can not wait for this game to be released on Steam, I love Resident Evil and the demo is awesome! :D Greetings from Germany <3


Gave it a go...


I'm generally skeptical about any game trying to emulate Resident Evil but I actually enjoyed this. The translation isn't perfect and is probably the only thing that took away from the experience for me.

Cheers! We are all not native English speakers but we will try our best to polish its English translation.


Really cool. I thought it was awesome. 

Haha, thanks for your kind words.


Fun demo, looking forward to the full release. And to find out more about what happened in this mansion. :)


Cheers! <3 We are still working hard on the full version. 


This was great! I'm a huge fan of classic survival horror (like Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark, Silent Hill), so this was really fun to play. I'm always on the lookout for new games in the genre, and this one definitely scratches that itch. Props to the devs for making such a nice new entry in the genre!

Thanks for playing our game, I'm glad to hear you enjoy it.


very good game! i don't play alot of point and click games this had me going! still trying to beat the demo lol

Haha, thanks for playing.



Thanks for your kind words. We are still working hard on it. :D

Thanks for your hard work. You're the best!!

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Wow, thanks for the video and glad to know you like it. <3