Devil Slayer - Raksasi Devlog v0.8.4316436 - v0.8.4331505

Patch v0.8.4316436

# BOSS balance adjustments

Arrested Spirit
Tetsubo-wielding Raksa
The Steadfast King
The White Immortal
Fallen Buddha

# Bug fix

Fix a display issue when you put a scroll into the Soul Keeper.
Fix the description of Ghost Orchid.
Modify the texture of Dagger-wielding Female Demon.
Fix the problem that a locked door in Lost Town can not be interacted with.
Fix a configuration error of Spirit Mirror.

Patch v0.8.4322517

# Level Adjustments

Adjust the big treasure room in level 1: simplify move path, remove some enemy, and put in more treasure. Rearrange some monster spawn point.

# BOSS Adjustments

Fix a problem of preventing the Fallen Buddha from entering stage 3. Now the Fallen Buddha can be see even with the Curse of Mist or the Curse of Darkness. Add a new ranged skill to the Fox Immortal. Decrease the number of chaos projectiles used by the Arrested Spirit.

# Items & Artifacts

Move Bracers of Dispel from the Treasure Pool to the Shop Pool. Fix an issue with Mouse Spirit.

# Typo fixing

Fix a typo in the description of Pig Spirit. Fix a typo in the description of Lantern Spirit. Change some description words in the Encyclopedia. Fix a typo in the description of the Curse of Mist. Fix the title of Slow effect caused by the Gelatinous Abomination.

# UI

Add suit information in picking hint. Add suit information in item picking UI. Add detailed suit information in item tips. Adjust widget positions of the pause menu. Adjust the layer order of pause menu.

# Misc

Fix a bug that cause the dropped items disappear when you died in 0.5 seconds after opening a treasure chest. Change Traditional Chinese Community Link to Discord.

Patch notes v0.8.4327391

# Levels

Increase the trigger area of doors in level 2.
Damage from blade walls in level 2 are changed to "True Damage", and no longer trigger the Blood Curse Coin.

# Items & Artifacts

Thunder Bolts:Added to the Shop pool. Changes to passive artifact. Summon 3 thunderbolts when you are hit.
Blink Spell:Added to the Shop pool. Teleport yourself randomly when you are hit.
Red Powder:Added to the Shop pool. Fire Attack +50, Burn yourself when you are hit.
Black Powder:Added to the Shop pool. Thunder Attack +20, MaxMP -20.
Brown Powder:Added to the Shop pool. Chaos Attack +50, MaxHP -30.
Green Powder:Added to the Shop pool. Poison Attack +50, Attack -15.
Glasses Cat's Claws:Attack +30% changes to Attack +15% and halved the knockback distance.
Evil Beast's Teeth:Attack +30% changes to Poison Attack +10.
Dragon Slayer:Attack +30% changes to Attack +15 and MaxHP +30.
Enhancing Gem:Moved from the BOSS pool to the Shop pool. Attack +30% changes to Attack +50% or "nothing happens".
Sharp Arrowhead:Moved from the BOSS pool to the Shop pool. Attack +30% changes to Bleeding Attack +10.
Old Monk's Bowl:Moved from the BOSS pool to the Shop pool. MaxHP +30 changes to MaxHP+20 and Max Spirit Armor+50.
Health Foods:Moved from the BOSS pool to the Shop pool. MaxHP +30 changes to MaxHP +20 and Max Stamina +20.
Strength Tonic:Moved from the BOSS pool to the Shop pool. Attack +30% Changes to Attack +15% and Stamina +20.
Rat Spirit:Fix the problem of finding items in the same room after resurrection.
Card of the Shop Owner:Fix the problem that the shop owner does not appear when entering the shop without the owner and then entering again after obtaining the Card of the Shop Owner.
Spirit Mirror:Fix an icon error of unlocking configuration.

# Inputing

The "Confirm" and "Cancel" action of controller can be customized.
Change the texture of the cursor.

# Player Characters

Remove the BUFF of Ralciel's Heal Spell during the resurrection.
Fix trigger area problem of weapons with a shield.
Increase the distance of Twin Dagger's charge attack.
Slightly increase the distance of Assault Shield's charge attack.

# Misc

When the final BOSS scroll pool is empty, soul orbs will be dropped from the treasure box after the final BOSS fighting.

Patch notes v0.8.4331505

# Items & Artifacts

Display weapon's base attack power and extra attack power on picking UI. Fix Evil Beast's Teeth: add Attack +15%. Fix the compatibility problem between Bone Shield and Bone Crusher.

# Input & Auto-Lock

Adjust Auto-Lock parameters. Increase the buffer time of Attack keys from 0.3 seconds to 0.5 seconds.


The Great White Snake is now immune to all kinds of bad effects. The Fox Immortal no longer summons the foxes, but summons two clones.

# Scenes

Add crows in some scenes. Fix some texture problem of the floor in Level 1. Adjust the rain effect in Level 4.

# Misc

Attacks from player characters will now have higher priority, and can ignore hit-protect caused by others. Fix an issue that hint message is not displayed when you try to buy a weapon and have not enough Dark Metal.

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Nov 01, 2019

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